Hello Fruit Farm Mango

Hello Fruit Farm’s Organic Dried Fruit Edible

Organic Dried Fruit Infused with THC

Product Description

Hello Fruit Farm creates organic dried fruit infused with THC and intended to serve medical marijuana patients seeking a healthy way to consume cannabis.

 Company: Hello Fruit Farm

Ingredients: dried organic fruit,  C02 THC extract

Flavors: mango / apricot / pineapple

Location: California, USA

Website: Hello Fruit  Farm

Instagram: @hellofruitfarm

Contact: info@hellofruitfarm.com

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Additional Information




Apricot: sweet and tangy
Mango: sweet
Pineapple: tropical and sweet

Strain(s) Used

Indica l San Fernando Kush

Potency in mg (1 serving)

10 mg per piece of fruit


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