Ganja Eats

Ganja Eats

Opening a World of Cannabis and Culinary Exploration

Product Description

Ganja Eats is not your conventional edibles company.  Ganja Eats  specializes in crafting marijuana infused food and beverages for everything from culinary masterpieces to a simple bowl of cereal.  Their menu of cooking ingredients include peppers, dressings, sauces and so much more!

Ganja Eats empowers patients to medicate with imagination, straying far from the typical pot brownie.  Comprised of a group of professional chefs passionate about medical marijuana, Ganja Eats bring patients the ingredients they need to take wellness into their own kitchen.

Company: Ganja Eats

Location: Long Beach, CA

Website: Ganja Eats

Instagram: @ganjaeats

Facebook: Ganja Eats


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Opening a World of Cannabis and Culinary Exploration




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