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Buddha’s Garden Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

Delicious cookie made from refined cannabis products without chemical, preservatives and harmful by-products

Product Description

Dedicated to providing a health, organic, all-natural to healing your body. Buddha’s Garden manufactures refined cannabis products without chemical, preservatives and harmful by-products. All products have been lab tested to ensure proper dosage of THC/CBD content.

Company: Buddha’s Garden

Ingredients: cannabis, coconut oil, flour, semi-sweet coco(chocolate chips) & oatmeal (cookies)

Location: Ontario, CANADA

Website: Buddha’s Garden Shop

Instagram: @buddhasgardenshop

Facebook: Buddha’s Garden Shop

Contact: buddhasgardenshop@gmail.com

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Additional Information


Sweet with a hint of earthy taste

Strain(s) used

AK-47(Pre-2000 [70-sativa/30-indica]) & DarkStar (100% Indica)

Potency in mg (1 serving)

150-200mg of THC/CBD content

Intended Effects

Relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, stress reduction, mood enhancement, appetite stimulation, energizing


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