Medicinally Infused Dinner Experiences
Medicinally Infused Dinner ExperiencesMedicinally Infused Dinner ExperiencesMedicinally Infused Dinner Experiences

Bohemian Villa

Culinary Masterpieces of Local and Seasonal Dishes

Product Description

The mission of Bohemian Villa is to create culinary masterpieces of local and seasonal dishes while simultaneously taking you down a sensory journey through your eyes, taste buds and mind.  BV dinners are a true work of art; from visually stimulating touches to tantalizing recipes infused with medicinal herbs and superfoods.  BV also walks you through the process of creating amazing ambiance in your home, which adds greatly to the caliber of your event.

Company: Bohemian Villa

Events: Medicinally Infused Dinner Experiences

Location: San Anselmo, CA

Event Fee: $100-$250

Website: Bohemian Villa

Instagram: @bohemianvilla

Facebook: Bohemian Villa


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Medicinally Infused Dinner Experiences




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