Baked Drop Candies

BaKed’s Drop Candies

Delicious and dank bite-sized fruity treats

Product Description

Founded in 2009, BaKed makes a range of dank and delicious medicated cannabis edible products, including drop candies, killer fish crackers, lollipops, cookies, rice krispy treats, lemon bites, gummies and caramels, each available in different dosages of THC.

One of BaKed’s top sellers, these handcrafted fruit-flavored hard candies are made with pure CO2 extracted solvent-free wax. Drop candies are the perfect form of medication when you want to eat something small or bring something with you for later consumption.  Each contains at least 25 mg THC equaling 1-2 doses for the average patient.

Company: BaKed

Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, CO2 extracted cannabis oil, butter, natural and artificial flavors

Flavors: blueberry, cherry, grape, green apple, orange, piña colada, strawberry, raspberry and watermelon

Location: California, USA

Website: BaKed

Instagram: @bakedlosangeles


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Additional Information





Strain(s) used


Potency in mg (1 serving)

25 mg THC per candy, equaling 1 – 2 doses for the average patient

Intended Effects

Deep relaxation l Pain Relief l Stress Reduction l Mood Enhancement


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